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Dampak negatif radiasi EMF (Elekromagnetic Frequency)

Various research has revealed the dangers of EMF radiation from cell phones can cause headaches, hot ear, and buzz, neck pain, fatigue, forgetfulness, loss of concentration to asthma, eye nerve disorders, blindness, glaucoma, leukemia and even cancer. Electronic equipment such as cell phones, computers, laptops, TV, Microwave, Hair Dryer and others have a very dangerous radiation. Research on 13,000 children whose mothers used HP 3 hours per day during pregnancy to child behavior problems, hyperactivity and emotional problems. Studies in Sweden, 1000 from brain cancer in 2200 was formerly using the phone 1 hour per day.

KK LIFORCE, the best and safest choice

Medium used to deliver the scalar energy is made from long chains of carbon fibers are compact, strong and durable waterproof also create KK LIFORCE effects last forever. The use of scalar energy to make safe use LIFORCE KK everyone from children, adults to old people.
1. Electromagnetic radiation damping
2. Improve stamina and endurance
3. Improve blood circulation and oxygenation body
4. Protect DNA from damage (prevent cancer)
5. Strengthen the body's natural detox
6. Reduce pain / stiff muscles and joints
7. Reduce stress and make sleep more soundly.
8. Improve memory and concentration.

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Pin BB : 7D7B6323

Retailing Profit

Retailing Profit (15% -20%)
Profit from retail businesses ranging from Indonesia KK 15-20% for each product sold. The calculation is the difference in consumer prices (CP) and the distributor price (DP)
Product LYC, CP Rp. And Dp Rp 1,898,000. 1,650,000
Benefits Direct = Rp. 1,898,000 - Rp.1.650.000
= Rp. 248,000

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Accumulative & Performance Bonus (3% -21%)
Performance Bonus or Performance Bonus PV obtained from a private group that collected in a given month with the achievement of 3% - 21% according to the PV is achieved at the table below:


Your income:
Retail Profit = Rp. 500,000 x 20% Rp. 100,000
Performance Bonus:
You: 8% x 1,200,000 = Rp. 96,000
Bonus Pay: 3% x (5 x 200,000) = (Rp 30,000) USD. 66,000
TOTAL: Rp. 166,000

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Leadership Development Bonus (38%)
This bonus is given to distributors who have reached the position of Star Ruby Manager (RSM) or more qualified

Example 1:

Leadership Bonus
A: 5,000,000 x 8% Rp. 400,000
You: (from 5,000,000 to 3,000,000) x 8% Rp. (160,000)
TOTAL: Rp. 240,000

Besides Leadership Bonus, you also get direct benefits, Performance Bonus
and the Motorbike Fund (MBF) of 1.2 points (explained in next topic)

Example 2:

Leadership Bonus
Level I: ((A + B) x 5000000) x 8% Rp. 800,000
You: (from 5,000,000 to 500,000) x 8% Rp. (360,000)
Level II: ((C + D + E + F) x 5000000) x 8% Rp 1.600.000
TOTAL: Rp. 2,040,000

Besides Leadership Bonus, you also get a retailing profit, Performance Bonus
and the Motorbike Fund (MBF) of 1.2 points (explained in next topic)

Example 3:

Leadership Bonus
Level I: ((A + B + C) x 5000000) x 8% Rp. 1,200,000
You: (from 5,000,000 to 100,000) x 8% Rp. (392,000)
Level II: ((D + E + F + G + H) x 5000000) x 16% Rp 4.000.000
TOTAL: Rp. 4,808,000

Besides Leadership Bonus, you also get a retailing profit, Performance Bonus
and the Motorbike Fund (MBF) of 1.5 points (explained in next topic)

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Dynamic Bonus (8%)
This bonus is given to distributors who have at least 3 parting with turnover above 5,000,000 PV

This bonus is calculated if a distributor with a distributor 3 separation which also has 3 separation. Dynamic Bonus starting from the second level of the first distributor to have separation of up to 3 first level distributors who have a 3 second separation


Leadership Bonus
Level I: ((A + B + C) x 5000000) x 8% Rp. 1,200,000
You: (from 5,000,000 to 100,000) x 8% Rp. (392,000)
Level II and down: ((D + E + F + G + H) x 5000000) x 16% Rp 4.000.000
Dynamic Leadership Bonus: ((I + J + K + L) x 5000000) x 8% Rp. 1,600,000
TOTAL: Rp. 6,408,000

In addition to Leadership Development and Dynamic Leadership Bonus, you also get a retailing profit, Performance Bonus
and the Motorbike Fund (MBF) of 1.5 points (explained in next topic)

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Motorbike Fund (MBF) 9%
- Qualified 21% or more (qualified in accordance with the Marketing Plan KKI)

How to Calculation:
- 9% of the total monthly BV entered into MBF KKI
- Enjoyed by all distributors who qualified
- Not applicable multiple (maximum of every distributor only has 1.5 Point)

How to calculate the points for MBF:
1. PGPV 5 million = 1 point
2. Separation @ 1 & 5 million PGPV 3 million (excluding separation) = 1.2 points
3. Separation @ 2 & 5 million 500 thousand PGPV (beyond separation) = 1.2 points
4. > 3 separation @ 5 million or more & PGPV 100 thousand (excluding separation) = 1.2 points

You must have to get 100,000 PPV bonus Motor Bike Fund in the month.

- Turnover in the relevant KKI = 2000000000 BV
- 9% MBF = 180,000,000
- Total Point is collected = 475 points

Point 1 value is + Rp.380.000

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Car - House - Education Fund / CHEF (3%)
If you have a dream to own a car or a house, it is given a special advantage for you. How do I get this taken from CHEF 3% of total company sales BV every month & share with the whole point is collected and will be produced pointnya value 1. Value that will be determined by your earned points that have been collected by the formula:

PGPV 3000000 + 1 separation = 10 points
PGPV 500,000 + 2 separation = 20 points
3 to 4 separation = 60 points
5 to 6 separation = 80 points
7 to 9 separation = 120 points
> 10 separation = 150 points

Kuailifikasi / requirements:
1. Minimal Emerald Star Director (ESD) up
2. Bonus will be distributed starting in the promotion based on turnover of each month.
3. Each achievement must be qualified 1 (one) 5 or 4 times a parting goodbye 3 (achievement does not exceed the 12-month) to enjoy the CHEF in the next year.
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Director Pool (3% +3% = 6%)
- Qualified ESD, DSD, CSD
- Collect Funds CHEF for 10 million

How to get the Director Pool:
1. The DTP-1 Rp.10.000.000, - can be obtained by the Director if you already have accumulated CHEF has 10 million and 3 separation of the following month.
2. The DTP-2 Rp. 10.000.000, - can be obtained by the Director if the Director has got to DTP-1 and has a separation of 3 next month.

Example 1:
Example 2:

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Lito points only accounted for qualified distributors 21% (according to the Business Plan KKI) by Lito Kententuan points:

Important note:
Lito points calculated as of 1 fiscal year and does not apply to the following year accumulation.

Smart Grow

Smart Grow

Important supplement to support the development of the child
Because you are so precious child.

Composition per tablet (600 mg)

Oyster Shell Powder 50 mg
Calcium phosphate 50 mg
Micro algae extract 1 mg
DHA (from Micro algae) 5 mg
Barbary wolfberry fruit 6 mg
Natural lemon juice powder 49 mg
Beer yeast 1 mg
438 mg Maltitol
Oyster Shell Powder & Calcium phosphate

Strengthens bones and teeth.
Support the process of growth and increase stamina.
Help and cardiac muscle contraction and the formation of muscle and organs.
Micro algae extract (Growth Factor)

Role in the formation of energy to support the high activity children.
Enhance immunity and DNA repair.
Helping the metabolism of body cells.
DHA (from Micro algae)

Required in the process of formation & growth of the brain and maintain normal function of the brain
Support and strengthen the nervous system function
Anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory) and increase stamina.
Barbary wolfberry fruit

Meet the needs of essential nutrients and increase the sharpness of vision and eye health is important for.
Natural lemon juice powder

As a natural flavorings.
Beer yeast

Very good for digestive health and the development of normal intestinal flora.
As a source of vitamins and nutrients, increases the absorption of all vitamins.

As a sweetener, sugar free and low calories.
How to Consumption:
Children: 2 - 3 tablets / day after meals.

Contents: 60 tablets / bottle



Femelik is a natural extract of Pueraria Mirifica plant that has long been used traditionally women. Data published by the "Medical Plant Research Institute Department of Medical Sciences, Ministery of Public Health, Thailand," said plant contains miroestrol and deoksimiroestrol (phytoestrogens strongest).


Tighten and maximize breast size.

The results of research on 34 women who provided femelik,
28 people (82.35%) showed enlargement of the breasts
and 30 men (88.23%) to produce dense breasts.

Overcoming tiadk regular menstrual and menstrual pain.

Increase vaginal secretion of sexual fluids (for menopausal women).

Reproductive health and female sexual

CG Gold

Supplements that will ensure the availability of calcium and vitamin D3 during the day to maximize the density of bone. Equipped with glucosamine and condroitin (from shark cartilage) as the main ingredient in the formation of cartilage and joint lubricating fluid so that the joints limber and not feel pain when moved. Also contains collagen to health, flexibility and strength bearing joints and connective tissue between bones that allows joints to move without injury.


Maintain the strength of bone mass and prevent osteoporosis.

Relieve pain, stiffness and swelling in the knees, fingers and other joints from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.

Forming new collagen for healthy muscles, tendons, bones and skin strength.

Maintaining healthy bones and teeth.

Helps maintain heart and muscle contraction, nerve impulses and blood clots.

Helps lower blood pressure.

Prevent and help fight cancer (especially bone cancer).


(Vitality - virility - Fertility - Urinary)
Vitality - Might - Fertility & Assets Urine

V Plus is a combination of the best herbs that are processed through the extraction of high-tech pharmaceutical and help to maintain the health problems that men confident you back as a true gentleman. V Plus is very safe for consumption and not cause side effects.


Overcoming BPH (enlarged prostate).

Prevent prostate cancer.

Increasing the number and quality of sperm.

Overcoming premature ejaculation and impotence.

Smooth urination (diuretic)

Preventing kidney stones / bladder stones

Vitamin C Plus 1000

VITAYOUNG Series - Vitamin C Plus Time Release 1000

C Plus 1000 is a combination of vitamin C with vitamin B2 (Riboflavin). Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) is required for the metabolism of amino acids which will accelerate the regeneration of cells dikala sick. Symptoms of vitamin B2 deficiency is often the case marked by a wound on the corner of the mouth and can cause scarring.

Vitamin C, Lemon Bioflavonoids, Rosehips, Vitamin B2, Maltose

Dosage: 1 tablet / day after meals.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

VITAYOUNG Series - Vitamin C Time Release 1000

Ensuring the fulfillment of vitamin C throughout the day because it is available in the form of gradual release to Khasiatnya survive 12-24 hours.
Easily absorbed and safe for the stomach.
Antioxidants (free radical stress), anti-influenza, alleviate stress.
Reducing the level of allergic reactions.
Forming collagen to strengthen the body such as muscle and blood vessels.
Dosage: 1 tablet daily.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

VITAYOUNG Series - Colostrum Milk

Colostrum Milk provides high immunity in children. Provide optimal protection so that children are not easily hurt.
Cow colostrum is also good for adults and the elderly to improve the immune system and help accelerate the healing process of a disease.

Colostrum is the first milk produced by humans or mammals who had just given birth. Colostrum slightly thicker than regular milk and slightly yellowish color. Humans produce milk containing colostrum within 24 hours after birth, while cow produces colostrum for 48 hours after birth.

Other efficacy Colostrum Cows:
Enhance the body's immune system, prevent osteoporosis, arthritis relief, against salesma, flu and allergies.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

VITAYOUNG Series - Fat Metabolizer

Contains vitamin E and minerals Mg, Zn, Cr. and 10 other plant extracts which are thermogenic (fat burning).
Securities fast, safe and effective.
Has the effect of anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory that strengthens the body from infection and disease.
Blood circulation.
Helps to reduce LDL.
Dose: 1 - 2 tablets 2 times a day (starting with low doses).

OGF / Original Green Food

Original Green Food

Do you frequent headaches, flu, fatigue, lethargy, forget, difficult concentration, dry skin, itching, body odor, smelly feet and increasing weight ... ..

Beware! There is increasing toxins in your body ...

Every day, unwittingly or not the toxin / poison enters the body from the polluted air, water pollution, drug use, even our food malalui daily and other chemicals are dangerous. Internally the body itself also produces a toxin as a byproduct of the metabolism process in various forms such as free radicals, uric acid, lactic acid etc.. Rubbish digestion even if caught while in the large intestine will also produce new toxins that will damage the digestive tract and be absorbed back into the blood circulation which increases the accumulation of toxins in the body.

Because the poison into every moment in a number of very large and beyond the body's ability to dispose of it. Moreover, the prolonged fatigue condition, illness, aging, etc., the expenditure toxins from the body (detoxification) is not going to go well. So it is advisable to perform periodic detoxification program using a good detox product.

A good detox products must meet the following criteria:

Made from herbal ingredients natural organic (contain no pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, genetic engineering, industrial chemical residues, etc.) and planted on the laha free of chemical residues.
Contains proteins and all kinds of important vitamins and minerals (which can not be made by the body) to rejuvenate cells so that the detox process can take place throughout the cell body. Products / programs that serve only to clean the intestines (cleansing) alone will not provide optimal results. The result is only temporary and even tends to damage the digestive system.
Safer for the digestive tract and mucous membranes (mucosal) GI tract.
Not deplete nutrients, so do not make a weak
Not disturb the balance of flora / bacteria in the intestine to normal
Containing herbs to strengthen and protect the liver and kidneys
OGF is a health food in Dr.Robert I formulated by the San Lin, Ph.D., CNS, FICN, FACN (Nutritionist, Herbalist & Preventive Medicine). OGF is equipped with 12 vitamins and 19 minerals that are not only complete human needs, but the amount of nutrients each meet 33% of daily needs. OGF will lack adequate nutrients from food daily.

With the fulfillment of nutritional needs of the body's cells can be preserved and its function well rejuvenation. Metabolism and all biological processes in the body will take place as appropriate so that cells can detoxify your body safely and effectively. In addition to immune system stronger so that it can prevent and help overcome various diseases.

Main mechanisms Detoxification:

The process of detoxification in the body took place in all body cells. Toxins that have been weakened by the cells will enter the bloodstream and sent to the liver for further processing. Some will be sent to the kidneys to be excreted through the urine. Some are excreted through the gall bladder, and into the intestine, finally disposed of with feces. In addition, some toxins are processed by the skin cells to be removed through sweat.

OGF Benefits:

Rejuvenate the body cells so that optimizes the natural detox process at the cellular level.
Provide protection against liver and kidney of toxin attack
Increase vitality, always look beautiful and young
Improving intestinal peristalsis so easily expelled feces
Contains soluble fiber and insoluble, making a softer stool
Effectively prevent constipation (constipation), bloating, piles, colon cancer and other digestive disorders.
Blocking the absorption of cholesterol.
OGF, the best detox products now, because:

Scientifically formulated from materials Berkategori organic (contain no pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, genetic engineering, industrial chemical residues, etc.)
Contains 12 vitamins and 19 essential minerals (equivalent to 33% of daily needs) and 10 grams of high quality protein to the cell and tissue rejuvenation.
Contains natural herbs with special functions as follows:
American Sacred Bark, To protect the liver and kidney from exposure to toxins.
Golden Seal, To strengthen and protect the digestive tract mucous membrane of the intestine.
Echinacea Angustifola. For detoxification in the blood while increasing the body's immune system.
Equipped with soluble fibers (xanthan gum, apple pectin and citrus pectin), insoluble fiber (soy fiber, and spirulina algae clorella), for balance of flora / good bacteria in the gut and to strengthen the muscles of the intestinal wall.

International Nutrition Premium Protein Blend (soy, sesame and milk protein), soy fiber, xanthan gum, apple and citrus pectin, Algae (Spirulina, Chlorella), vitamins and minerals (see Nutrition Facts Table), vegetable / herb powders (broccoli), American Sacred Bark, barley grass, spinach, beet greens, cactus, collard greens, Jerusalem artichokes, golden seal, Echinacea angustifolia leaf, green pepper, wild yam, kale, rose hips, Lin Zhi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum), extracts of green tea and cola nut, juice powders (orange, pineapple, strawberry, apple, prune, carrot), licorice.

Serving Suggestions:

Mix 30gr (1 measuring spoon) with 250 ml of plain water (room temperature). Shake and drink immediately. Taken just before bedtime. Some people may benefit just enough to mengkonsusi ½ dose, there is also a rnembutuhkan 2 times more to obtain the desired benefits.


Not recommended for pregnant women, breastfeeding and baby. Except on the advice and supervision of a doctor or specialist.
Not recommended for those who have to undergo a diet low in fiber (such as patient typus).



Apa Itu Niwana SOD ?
Niwana SOD adalah produk Suplemen Antioksidan Analog terbuat dari tumbuh-tumbuhan alami yang dapat bekerja seaktif enzim SOD tubuh manusia. Efektifitasnya telah terbukti selama puluhan tahun tidak hanya sebagai suplemen pencegah penyakit akan tetapi efektif membantu terapi penyembuhan berbagai penyakit degeneratif dan penyakit autoimun yang disebabkan oleh Radikal Bebas.

Apa Itu Radikal Bebas ?
Radikal bebas adalah unsur (seperti oksigen) yang kehilangan satu atau lebih elektronnya sehingga menjadi tidak stabil / radikal yang dapat merusak sel-sel organ tubuh dan dapat mengakibatkan terjadinya penurunan fungsi organ-organ tubuh sehingga munculnya penyakit-penyakit degeneratif.

Radikal Bebas dan Penyakit Degeneratif
Mungkin anda bertanya mengapa disaat ilmu pengetahuan dan teknologi dibidang kedokteran semakin maju justru penyakit-penyakit degeneratif semakin meningkat jumlahnya?. Penyakit jantung koroner misalnya masih menempati urutan pertama sebagai penyebab kematian. Begitu juga dengan kanker, tumor, stroke, hipertensi, gagal ginjal, diabetes melitus sampai masalah penuaan dini semakin banyak jumlahnya.

Penelitian-penelitian ilmiah dibidang kesehatan menunjukkan bahwa stress oksidatif dalam tubuh manusia oleh radikal bebas berperan besar dalam kerusakan organ tubuh manusia yang berakhir pada munculnya suatu penyakit degeneratif. Hingga saat ini teori yang paling diyakini sebagai penyebab utama penuaan dini dan berbagai penyakit degeneratif adalah teori penuaan akibat RADIKAL BEBAS. Sebagaimana di paparkan oleh CARPER J (1996) bahwa Poses menua berlangsung ketika sel-sel dirusak oleh serangan terus menerus dari partikel kimia – oksigen radikal bebas- yang menumpuk dari tahun ke tahun hingga sampai pada kerusakan organ yang sulit disembuhkan.
Dengan NIWANA SOD banyak penyakit yang sulit disembuhkan bisa diatasi, banyak testimoni dari para customer yang sudah merasakan khasiat NIWANA SOD, dan sembuh secara permanen.

Harga Rp. 830.000,-
Tersedia harga khusus untuk agen dan reseller Niwana SOD, 1.890rb dapat 3 box @isi 30 sachet

Segera hubungi Agen Resmi Niwana SOD KK Indonesia :
Nugroho di  
0812 1889 4015 WA-LINE-KAKAO-WECHAT
0822 8140 2713 Telp.
Pin BB : 56DBF7FF

Golden Oil

EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexanoic acid) proved capable of launching and stabilizing the blood flow so as to prevent blood clots, stabilize the heart rhythm (an anti-arrhythmia), make platelets (platelet) is not easily broken, making a strong blood vessel walls, not fragile, and not easily penetrated by substances that break down the walls of blood vessels and lower cholesterol, LDL and triglycerides. EPA and DHA also have anti-inflammatory effects (anti-inflammatory) and to reduce the potential development of asthma and allergies. EPA together with prostaglandins to maintain blood viscosity remained normal. DHA is one of the main components of brain tissue and found in large numbers in the retina of the eye so that the DHA is necessary for brain development and neural membranes and the sharpness of vision.

Vitamin A (Beta carotene)
Is the precursor of vitamin A, is required in the formation of the immune system, eye health, as well as for the formation, growth and repair body structure. Vitamin A is needed in high doses in people with allergies and asthma.

Vitamin E (alpha tocopherol)
This fat soluble antioxidant function to protect cell structures from oxidative damage from free radicals. Oxidative damage from free radicals is the main cause of pathological organ damage that triggers premature aging, especially in the skin, sagging skin and wrinkles.

Forming an important part of the cell membrane, has various functions for the body, lecithin is a neurotransmitter precursor process, a process associated with brain and nerve function, including the process of thinking. Lecithin also plays a role in fat transport process and optimize the process of absorption of omega-3.

Golden Oil Benefits:

Strengthen blood vessel walls.
Keeping blood viscosity remained normal.
Reduce levels of fat and cholesterol in the blood.
Stabilize blood pressure thus reducing the risk of hypertension.
Reduce the risk of cancer.
Enhance the body's immune system.
Anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory).
Formation and strengthening of nerve cells, especially brain.
Maintaining flexibility and skin health.
Maintaining healthy eyes
Highly recommended for:

People with high cholesterol and triglycerides, atherosclerosis, post-stroke because of blockage, heart disorders (myocardial infarction).
Patients with hypertension (high blood pressure).
People with Dementia, Parkinson's.
People who consume too much saturated fat.
Middle age for heart health, brain / memory, prevent and overcome premature skin aging such as wrinkles, sagging skin, etc..
Patients with arthritis, allergies, asthma, psoriasis
People with vision problems
Pregnant and lactating mother

Dose (Softgel / hr)

Supplements & Preventive
1 to 2

Recuperative / therapeutic
(Improvement of disease symptoms)
2 to 4

Pregnant women / Mother Breastfeeding
2 to 4

Consumed after breakfast / lunch


(Diamond Peeling)

Is Peeling it? Peeling is a technique of removal of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin so that skin looks brighter and refreshed. Diamond Peeling is the removal of dead skin cells by using diamond powder. This technique is very safe to use because with the diamond powder, skin cells will be gently lifted so as not to damage or cause interruption of the skin (this system spread quickly and has been recognized by the world).


Silviang (Skin Care System)

Therapy according to your skin type. Different skin types require different types of treatment as well. Usefulness of this tool is to tighten the skin, brighten the skin, cleanse skin, rubbery skin, slimming skin and skin check. Infrared ray remote can open the skin pores and ions (+) can clean up the remnants of make-up and dust on the skin.

Kris Ko-Kool

Kris Ko-Kool

Foam / foam cleanser specially formulated for men of various natural herbal extracts. Not only provide cool and refreshing sensation, but also can raise the overall waste, maintaining skin moisture and elasticity, shrink pores, controls oil levels and skin does not cause skin irritation.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
Kristin Ko-Kool (Cleasing Apricot Cream)

Cream cleanser from fresh plants specifically formulated to clean dirt and dead cells and eliminate rough skin. The result skin will look more radiant, fresh and the surface becomes smoother face.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
Kristin Ko-Kool (Refresing Cream)

Beige leather nurse unique, formulated from natural ingredients such as Witch Hazel Extract, Chamomile, ginkgo and others. Contain nutrients and moisturizers to soften skin as well used also as a protection from the sun.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
Kristin Ko-Kool (Pearl nourish Cream)

Works to brighten skin tone, refine and renew skin cells. Levels containing SPF 15 works to protect the skin from UV rays (sunlight) is dangerous, and help regeneration of new cells. Pearl Cream nourish also useful for removing black spots, prematurely aging skin, pigmentation, dryness and rough skin. Safe for use on all skin types.

LYC Classic

LYC Classic

Now you can train and stimulate your facial muscles to achieve beautiful results with up to LYC Classic Toning System. There are 6 amazing products in the LYC Toning System which uses the most advanced cosmetic technology.

Now, with LYC Classic Toning System, you can easily have young skin and clean. Suitable for men and women.

LYC Classic Toning Units
A machine designed in the form of the handle by using the battery, which is used to exercise / gymnastics face.
Function: Correcting the light of youth in the face.

Facial Gel
This unique gel is used as a neutralizing agent / broker along with LYC Classic / Toning Unit of merit improve your skin making it healthier and glowing. Use of this gel fiber will help moisturize the skin and then gradually improve the skin tissue.
Description: Facial Gel helps LYC tool for a current
micro into the skin.

Clear Aid Lotion
If your skin type including sensitive skin, before using Facial Gel, first sweep Clear Aid Lotion.
Usage: Apply evenly to the face.
Description: For allergic, sensitive and insect bites

European Cellular Repair
A useful formula to prevent the addition of lines around the eyes. The results are stunning to look after use along with LYC Classic Toning Units in the area around the eyes soft / delicate and sensitive.
Usage: Apply a thin around the eyes and massage in circular around the eyes.

Vita Mask
A mask that serves to tighten the facial muscles after exercise / gymnastics face. This mask works to reduce the lines on the surface of the face.
Usage: Apply thinly on the whole face and neck evenly, with the upward direction.

Perfecting Cream with Noni
Cream of supply / provide food substance contains highly effective AHA, useful to eliminate cells that excessive dead skin, helps slow the aging process and improve overall skin structure.
Usage: Apply thinly on the whole face and neck thoroughly with
the upward direction.

Beauty Code

Beauty Code No. 1
Soft Cleansing Lotion

Effective for cleaning dirt and make-up the rest without causing irritation and dryness. Containing CM Glucan which stimulates the skin defense mechanism and maintain the skin of vital moisture.
How to use:
Take a little in your hands or cotton wool and gently wipe the face and neck with circular motion from bottom to top. Rinse thoroughly with warm water if necessary. Can be used for the eye area. Continue with Beautycode refreshing toner.
Use in the morning and evening.
Suitable for all skin types especially normal, dry and sensitive.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Beauty Code No. 2
Deep Purifying Foaming Gel

A mild gel cleanser that dissolves make-up and dirt with a soft skin. Cleaning and cooling effect and reduces excess oil on skin surface without causing irritation and retain moisture, leaving skin feeling cool and dry the skin and no pain in his eyes.
How to use:
Wet your face and neck. Take a little in your palms, then massage the face and neck gently. Rinse with warm water. Use in the morning and evening.
Suitable for all skin types even sensitive skin even.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Beauty Code No. 3
Gentle Refreshing Toner

Soft skin fresheners and effective for cooling, refreshing and smoothing skin texture. Removing dirt from the skin while maintaining skin's natural moisture balance as it contains CM Glucan. Serves to shrink the pores and lift excess oil remaining. Contains camomile extracts that are soothing the skin.
How to use:
Use after Cleansing usage. Spray to all parts of the face and neck.
Suitable for all skin types even sensitive skin though

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Beauty Code No. 4
Whitening UV Protector SPF 15

Conditioning cream that can inhibit the formation of melanin and lighten the skin gradually, so that makes your face looks cleaner and brighter. Containing CM Glucan can enhance the resilience of the skin against UV-A, UV-B and UV-C, does not contain bleach.
How to use:
Apply evenly on face and neck after cleansing and toning usage. Sort gently with your fingertips with a circular motion from bottom to top until the cream is absorbed sempurna.Gunakanlah every day to obtain optimal results.
Suitable for all skin types even sensitive skin though

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Beauty Code No. 5
Intensive Anti-Aging Serum

Gel with properties concentrated and react quickly to the protection and regeneration of new skin cells, tightening effect when used. Active work increases skin moisture. Containing CM Glucan which increases skin firmness and reduce wrinkles, especially on smooth wrinkles.
How to use:
Use every day after cleansing and toning. Take a drop, gently rub around the face and around eyes until absorbed perfect. Also serves as a mask. Suitable for all skin types even sensitive skin even.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Beauty Code No. 6
Lightening Gentle Exfoliator

Lifting the dead skin cells and cleanses the pores and brightens skin that looks more white. Disguise acne scars and prevent premature aging. Mulberry extract containing CM Glucan and accelerate the renewal of skin cells.
How to use:
Dry face, then rubbed evenly into the entire face and neck that have been clean. Let dry for 2 minutes. Lift with gentle movements play with a clean fingertip. Rinse with warm water, then drain. Follow with the next code Beauty treatments. 1 week can be used once.

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Beauty Code No. 7
Clarifying pH Balancer

Is a moisturizer that does not contain oil that is soothing, the skin's natural moisture balance. PH Balancer Clarifying this will improve the formation of skin cells and also contain elements that could increase the sensitivity of the skin, making it ideal to use on the day and and night.
How to use:
Use intensive treatment program on the day or night. Place the gel on your palms and smooth on the face and neck thoroughly.

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Beauty Code No. 8
8 to 8 Energizer Cream

This pure white cream is a multi-functional formula for the damaged skin, skin that is showing the symptoms of aging. CM-Glucan composition and concentration to effectively soften and encourage the growth of new cells and the mechanisms of skin defense system. Regenerate functional composition and lift dead skin cells is also very effective to improve skin elasticity has been substantially reduced.
How to use:
Use of intensive care during the day and night. Use on face and neck that have been cleaned evenly upward until perfectly absorbed by the skin. Avoid contact with eyes. For the results to be more taut skin, use after using Intensive Anti Aging Serum.

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Code O2xyFace Beauty Cream

O2xy face cream is oil and water emulsions that have been stabilized. The specific function of beauty item of this code is to supply the skin needs for water and oxygen as appropriate. A healthy skin is the skin cells get the water supply and adequate oxygen. Will play an active oxygen to accelerate the active substances required absorbed into the skin dermis.
O2xy face cream has been researched and scientifically processed. Clinical trials mentioned that O2xy face creams that contain Beta Carotene, tocopherols (vitamin E) and Beta Glucan is very useful to improve the health and skin firmness.
How to use:
Once cleansed facial skin, use this cream face O2xy evenly on the face and neck. Let stand for about 2 to 3 minutes to be absorbed completely into the skin. Then do the massage slowly and gently on the face.

Program Membership ( KKM ) Rp.100rb berlaku selama 6 bulan, tenggang 6 bulan

Bisa pilih dapat produknya :

1 Tube Bio Multiple Cream ( BMC ) isi 30 gr atau 1 botol Vitayang Omega 3 atau Vitayang Kapsul Slimming 30 kapsul

Formulir KKM, langsung isi saat pendaftaran, langsung diinput

Daftar Harga Distributor

Buku Katalog produk

2 botol BMC isi @30 gram

Stater kit isi katalog dan kartu member


1 Gentle Refreshing Toner isi 60 ml

1 Soft Cleansing Lotion isi 60 ml

Stater kit


3 box vitayang kapsul slimming

Stater kit isi katalog dan kartu member


1 box Vitayang susu kolostrum

Stater kit isi katalog dan kartu member


2 set Natesh ( isi 2 panty, 2 day, 2 night )

Stater kit isi katalog dan kartu member


1 buah moisturizing cream

Stater kit isi katalog dan kartu member


3 botol Super Green Food isi @ 50 tablet

Stater kit isi katalog dan kartu member

Program distributorship Rp.680rb

3 Botol SGF isi @ 150 tablet

Starter Kit,


Silviang Mist Spray

Starter Kit,


3 box Viatayang Kapsul Slimming

3 set Natesh

Starter Kit,


2 Beautyzen Gentle Refreshing Toner 60 ml

2 Beautyzen Soft Cleansing Lotion 60 ml

Starter Kit,

Program Paket Pemula Rp.980rb

4 Botol SGF isi 150 tablet

1 Botol SGF isi 50 tablet

Starter Kit,


1 Botol Beautyzen Gentle Refreshing Toner isi 200 ml

1 Botol Beautyzen Cleansing Lotion isi 200 ml

Starter Kit,


1 Botol Fish Oil + Epo

1 Botol BMC isi 60 gr

2 Botol SGF isi 150 tablet

Starter Kit,


1 Botol Beautyzen Gentle Refreshing Toner isi 60 ml

1 Botol Beautyzen Cleansing Lotion isi 60 ml

1 Botol Beautyzen UV Protector isi 10 ml

1 Botol Beautyzen 8 to 8 Energizer isi 10 ml

1 Botol Pearl Nourish Cream isi 5 gr

Starter Kit,


1 Botol Beautyzen Gentle Refreshing Toner isi 60 ml

1 Botol Beautyzen Cleansing Lotion isi 60 ml

Beautyzen Snail Firming Serum 30 ml

Starter Kit,


4 Box Vitayang Kapsul Slimming

4 set Natesh

Starter Kit, CD

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